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I get my BR manga from the local used bookstore, every time I go they seem to have one more. Ugh I hate when sellers do that! For awhile I was trying to sell my BRII DVD cause I thought it was a fake (still do) but it ended up having like 2 1/2 hours of special features! There's a set I've been really wanting to get that has posters, post cards, & art and only 2000 were made but it's just too damn expensive!! I've spent all my money on autographed kpop albums I have 9 so far

Ah— you’re talking about the BR ultimate collection or something, right? Comes in a hard case, with all those things? I was looking at getting one of those too but I just started uni and can’t even afford to buy dinner let alone buy DVDs (oh the irony of being at a film school). That’s so good that you have a used bookstore nearby to get them from, I’m jealous! I had to buy my fifth one brand new and it costed me 30 dollars, sigh. Dudedudedude, what autographed albums do you have?! I’ve only got two Topp Dogg ones— I was thinking of expanding my collection but it’s so EXPENSIVE.

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COME IN *clap clap clap clap clap clap clap clap clap*


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Changjo cutely hula dancing on your dash

Changjo cutely hula dancing on your dash

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Oh god Battle Royale! I am a little obsessed. I have the book, the Battle Royale Complete Collection DVD Set, the Director's cut of Battle Royale II, and trying to collect the manga. So far I have 4. And Topp Dogg kajsdklasjkdjaklf A-Tom is ma bby!!! Then it's like P-Goon, Hojoon, Jenissi, Hansol, and B-Joo tied for second. I just cant they're all so amazing!

Damn. Dude. I just— we are meant to be friends, I can feel it. If things were easier to get a hold of in New Zealand, I would own aaaall the Battle Royale things. Fortunately, all I have so far is the first DVD (which was supposed to be a special edition but the person who sold it to me online scrimped me), the novel, and the 5th one of the manga series. The only way I can get more copies of the manga is if I order off Ebay, sighs. BUT TOPP DOGG, DON’T EVEN ASK ME TO TRY AND PICK ANY SECONDS— so hard. Too hard. Every ToppKlass feels your pain deep inside their souls, I swear. My baby Sehyuk is obviously my bias, BUT THEN AFTER THAT I JUST HAVE A MENTAL COLLAPSE AND CAN’T RANK ANYONE ELSE LIKE NO.

…I do really love Jenissi though.

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#how about no

#how about no

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get to know me meme: favourite male groups

  ♡ BTS [2/5]
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